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New styles. New colors.
Still your favorite pajamas.

Update your daily wardrobe with new styles from Home Alone pajamas. Ultra-comfy items are designed for at-home lounging, but nothing’s stopping you from wearing them outdoors too.

Each piece of Home Alone pajamas is made from natural fabrics with double attention to such "internal" specifications because our main goal is to be your go-to outfit and to bring you pure joy during the day and night with the perfect balance between style and comfort. 

Creme Brulee long sleeve shirt & pants (Available Soon)

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New arrivals include the long-awaited long sleeve shirts and pants. Each item is augmented by branded embroidery and a convenient loop for storage. Pants have utility pockets to put your phone or other little things there while walking or doing household chores.

We listened to your feedback and made it possible to buy items from sets separately from each other, so now you can order only the shirt and combine it with Home Alone boxers or pants and wear them with your favorite T-shirt.

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Pistachio Set (Available Soon)

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Whether worn in bed or for a walk on the beach, you'll always look sharp - and all with absolute ease.

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Boyfriend Shirt (Available Soon)

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