Home Alone is a local Amsterdam brand.
We create our collections on a small production and pay maximum attention to every detail.
Our pajamas are made from natural fabrics, mainly cotton, and complemented by branded embroidery. We put double attention to such "internal" specifications of our models as retaining fresh color and keeping nice texture. Because the main goal of our pajamas is to be your go-to outfit when Home Alone and to bring you pure joy during the day and night.

Just complete your image with a piece of elegant jewelry of our hand-picked choice
and let self-love sing inside of you.

Home Alone is all about you.

About self-time when there is no need to rush, a time to make yourself a coffee in a tiny porcelain cup, dress out and stay in, dance in a bathrobe, and perhaps even contemplate
a Big Adult Decision.  
Leave the hustle and bustle of life behind, lock the door and dedicate
all your attention and care to yourself – beautiful, free, and absolutely loved.