“Home alone” is a female brand created and run by Victoria Hume and Maya Gu during
the lockdown. Following the sustainable approach, all garments are produced in a collaboration with the small local female-led business on demand, the collection is timeless and
has no seasonality in order to last long in your wardrobe. Unisex style, premium embroidery
and simple design for your daily look, and not only for home.


Home Alone is all about comfort. Comfort to be yourself. Slow mornings with a coffee in a tiny porcelain cup, taking time to be alone and focus on your well-being, doing what you feel
in a moment: stay in bed all day or dance in front of the mirror. Leave the hustle of life behind, lock the door and dedicate all your attention to the most important person in your life –
yep, that’s you.


Time for yourself got even more significant than ever before.